Beards - Can You Do Without It? -

Beards – Can You Do Without It?

There is a basic myth that comes up when we talk about the history of facial hair. Most people, including men, will automatically assume that the mustache originated in the Middle East. However, when you really delve into the facts, it turns out that no such civilizations existed as far as we know. Although no one knows for sure when beards were first used, there are many different theories about its origins and the various facial hair benefits derived from the practice.

Mustaches were worn by women to show off their beauty. Women were also forbidden from wearing beards because they were seen as tools of war. Some cultures believed that women were the only ones who were allowed to grow facial hair, so, naturally, they would have their own style. Modern-day ladies who want to show off their beauty with a mustache can wear both kinds of facial hair to their advantage.

Beards - Can You Do Without It?
Beards – Can You Do Without It?

The beard, on the other hand, is thicker and fuller, but because it doesn’t have any visible spots, it can hide any scars that exist on the face. Unlike a mustache, a beard does not require that it be shaved.

Everything You Need To Know About Beards

There are many benefits to growing a beard. It is a social affliction in many cultures because many men consider it shameful to sport a beard. This is often at the expense of their job opportunities, so in order to get ahead, they keep it covered up.

The beard is a great quality to possess since it can help you look and feel more confident. Many men choose to wear a beard to become a better leader since it is the kind of personality trait that comes naturally to men. A mustache, on the other hand, can be more of a fashion statement and can make a man look older than he really is.

Beard styles can be fun to have, too. There are many types of beards that are available, so the unique styles and cuts can be fun and exciting. With the current state of the economy. There are a lot of men who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on makeovers. So they just stick with the basics and get a beard.

Enhances Appearance

Many bearded men enjoy going out in public, without covering up their facial hair. Men that have a beard are much less likely to have hair problems since they are not shaving every day. This is a major reason for hair breakage. If you are a guy who wants to look good and feel better about yourself, then beards may be just the right choice for you.

When you use a beard, you need to make sure that it is clean and oiled on a regular basis, and that you follow your beard’s natural daily oil levels. Oil is necessary to the life cycle of the beard because it keeps the beard’s pores from drying out. Not being cleaned or oiled enough can lead to hair problems, so it is important to be careful when choosing a beard.

Benefits Of Having Beards

There are a few benefits for men who don’t shave. With a beard, you don’t have to shave every day, which can take up a lot of time and money. You can even go as long as you want to get the beard done since it is not something that you have to go to work with.

Hair loss is a problem for a lot of men. Men who don’t shave often have less hair loss problems than those who are constantly trimming. For this reason, it is usually a good idea to take good care of a beard, so that it will be as healthy as possible.

Beards - Can You Do Without It?
Beards – Can You Do Without It?

Beard’s history has shown that it is healthier to wear a beard, rather than having to shave. There are a lot of benefits to a beard, even if it is not visible at all. Many people enjoy using a beard as a style, instead of a mustache, since it will allow them to put on more makeup than a mustache would.


Beard’s history proves that men who wear beards have a lot of benefits. They can get away with a beard if they don’t like having to shave. Hence, they won’t be plagued by hair problems like a mustache would be. Whether you are looking for a good fashion choice or a health benefit, a beard is definitely something to consider.

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