Best Goatee Styles For You To Choose From

The goatee is neither a beard and nor a mustache. It is different, and since the past few years, it has been able to gain prominence for itself. Here we look at the best goatee styles for you to choose. Defining goatee has been a debate throughout our history. To break it down, it consists of elements from both the beard as well as the mustache. The name comes from the fur which is there under the chin of a goat. Goatee has been around for a long time; this is why today you can find different goatee styles. Let us look at some of the best styles which can suit you.

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The Best Of Goatee Styles: The Classic Goatee

It is best suitable for men who have round faces and are looking for a change. It is a classic, so this can never go wrong when it comes to facial hair. Actor Benicio del Toro who has won an academy award has worn it for some time. This is just the basic goatee and is the foundation of various goatee styles. It is one of the most popular styles and is worn by many. It contains a tuft of hair which is trimmed precisely on your chin. If you have your beard on the cheeks and remove the mustache, you will get a classic goatee.

The Full Goatee

A full goatee is a perfect style with which we associate the term goatee. If we talk about goatee styles, this is the first style that will come into your mind. This style includes your mustache extending to join your beard below the chin. This is most suitable for people who have a diamond-shaped button and have adequate features to sport it. Will Smith is one actor who dons this look.

The Traditional Goatee And Mustache

Best Goatee Styles For You To Choose From
Best Goatee Styles For You To Choose From

It is what the name implies. This style consists of the mustache connected with your beard. From this point, you can convert it into any form you want. It is one of the many classic goatee styles. This style looks good on people who have a square face and wish to stay away from having a full beard. Many celebrities like this look, including Tom Selleck and Jeff Bridges.

The Anchor: One Of The Bets Goatee Styles

As the name suggests, it looks the vintage nautical ship equipment. It is something that everyone cannot pull off. This style combines a proper pencil mustache along with a small patch of beard that extends beneath the chin. This is one of the goatee styles which looks good on a round face as it makes it look narrower. This also works well on people who have triangular faces. Christian Bale is an actor who sports this look.

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The Extended Goatee

The extended goatee is a style that has the mustache extending and turning to a beard, sans the sideburns. This is also known as the Hollywoodian beard and is suitable for people who have a long face. Jake Gyllenhaal is one actor who sports this look.

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