Classic Mustache Styles You Should Try

Classic Mustache Styles You Should Try

Most men love having good mustache. It won’t be wrong to say that the various mustache styles not only enhance your look but also make you look more refined and appealing. Time has changed significantly, and so needs facial hair. In the current generation, the hair on the face has again got all the popularity. But it is not that simple.

As a man, we have to often worry about which look to keep and which style to follow. As the options are available in abundance, it gets tough. Below we discuss the best mustache styles which will change your personality. All you have to do is fit in the perfect shape which will suit you.

The Best Mustache Styles

Classic Mustache Styles You Should Try
Classic Mustache Styles You Should Try

• Chevron Mustache is one of the most popular styles for every man. This was made famous by actor Tom Selleck. This style is elegant and is one of the most straightforward designs. But one thing you must keep in mind before trying this style out is what type of facial hair you have. It looks best on people with straight hair.

• The Walrus Mustache: This mustache helps in putting forward a statement. This trend was started in the 19th century and is famous to date. This style requires you to grow your facial hair for more than five months.

• The Pencil Mustache: This style was made famous by actors such as Clark Gable and Errol Flynn, who were the first to don it. It is effortless to achieve and maintain, making it one of the most famous mustache styles. The pencil can grow around in a month.

Some More Classics

Classic Mustache Styles You Should Try
Classic Mustache Styles You Should Try

• The Handlebar Mustache: This is a street style mustache which comes with curved ends. They are spiral towards the cheekbones. The handlebar is one of the classic mustaches which are in trend today. All one has to do is take a small amount of wax and wind each end of the mustache.

• The Horseshoe Mustache: This style was made famous by Hulk Hogan and the popular Aaron Rodgers. This is one of the most renowned mustache styles with fans all over. It is suitable for people who are strong enough to try it. A horseshoe will take a few months to grow. And it does not suit everyone. So make sure you look that it is suiting you perfectly.

• The Cowboy: Have you seen Woody from the movie Toy Story? He also uses this style. Cowboy is a messy and long mustache style which helps in enhancing your look. It is not for people who want to look neat.

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Our Picks

• The Fu Manchu: This is one of the most eccentric mustache styles which is still in trend. Fu Manchu is something straight out from a comic book. This style requires you to grow the sides of the facial hair. They hang over your chin, making you look classic and traditional.

• The Dali: This is named after none other than Salvador Dali. The Dali can reflect your personality amazingly.

So what are you waiting for now? Choose the best classic style suitable for you.

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