Hacks For Growing A Long Mustache Easily

Most of us often wonder how long it takes to grow a long mustache. And when we learn about the lengthy period, it makes us turn a tad disappointed. While it may take time, it does not fully take months. It looks pretty decent throughout the growing process. But make sure that you use a good wax to keep them away from going in your mouth.

It is shocking to know that just like the hair on your head and on your beard, the mustache hair also has a growing pattern. In the first stage, it makes sure that the inner hair matches the outer strands. After that, you can train it accordingly in the direction you want.

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What To Do Initially While Growing A Long Mustache

During the first two weeks, it is better to grow a goatee of a beard along with it. This allows you to get some length along the mustache area. And when you get enough hair around that area, you can start the waxing alongside. It is essential to wax them regularly to get a groomed look. After the initial two weeks once you start getting whiskers, which you will feel around your lips, understand that all is good. Do not trim these hairs as they will help later. You can use wax regularly to keep these hairs from bothering you.

After the time that you have sufficient hair on your upper lip, it is time to give shape to your long mustache. You can decide to keep a goatee alongside it if you want to. Remember that there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to this.

The Dont’s

How To Grow A Long Mustache Easily

Like we have a list of things that we should do, we also have a list of things that we should avoid. Make sure that you stay away from trimming. Take a time of at least two to three weeks before you go for cutting your long mustache hair. Let the hair grow in place before you trim them off. The inner hairs need to improve and meet the outer strands. If you keep on trimming this will never happen, and it will look awkward. So make sure that you stay away from decorating for as long as you can.

Make sure that you have a dedicated comb for your long mustache. Because you will be using wax regularly, this is highly important. You will see that this comb with accumulate wax which might not be suitable for other uses. Make sure you also keep on cleaning your comb regularly.

Hair Fall Out Will Happen

This is something which will happen. You might feel bad after seeing this and after investing so much time and energy. But remember this is exceptionally normal. Hair loss is a regular and routine part of growing long mustache. So make sure to embrace it.

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It is just that since your hairs are long, it is more noticeable. There will always be new hair coming in to replace them. Just make sure you are nurturing them well enough.

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