Horseshoe Moustache: How To Grow It? -

Horseshoe Moustache: How To Grow It?

Horseshoe Moustache: How To Grow It?

The horseshoe moustache, which is also synonymous to celebrities such as Hulk Hogan, is quite famous around the world. It is also known as the robust guy moustache. The horseshoe, though unlike its counterparts, does not have a long history with itself. It is easy to maintain and grow a moustache. But it depends extensively on the growth pattern of a man. Older men often sport it.

The best results are achieved by growing a full beard and then trimming the parts after months. And this helps in getting sufficient time to grow your hair in all the areas. Once you get the desired length of hair, you can trim off the extra part and shave the chin.

The columns of the side of the horseshoe moustache can be according to your choice. It is often kept long to stop with your jawline. You can also shorten it, which will make it similar to the handlebar.

The Tamed Horseshoe Moustache

Horseshoe Moustache: How To Grow It?
Horseshoe Moustache: How To Grow It?

In this robust and classic look, you can grow your sides to be bushy. It is suitable for people with patchy growth of hair. And this helps in getting a better result. But you have the option to taper the columns or trim them completely. And this is why it is known as the Tamed Horseshoe Moustache. It is also easy to grow and requires a thick hair growth which might be challenging.

The Classic Fu Manchu

The Fu Manchu is similar to the horseshoe moustache, but if you take a closer look, we will find that they both are from the same family. This style has had a tough past because of Chinese villains. This style is extremely time consuming and can be very difficult to grow. The columns which are prominent in the traditional moustache are shaven off. You can get the length of the moustache by increasing from the upper lip.

Will The Horseshoe Moustache Your Face Type

Horseshoe Moustache: How To Grow It?
Horseshoe Moustache: How To Grow It?

The Dali and Chevron are so outlandish that people with any face shape can wear them. But the horseshoe moustache is extremely common. Make sure that you are sure about the shape of your face before you grow the moustache.

Oval Shape: If you have an oblong face shape, then you have an ideal face structure for a horseshoe moustache. These face forms appear fuller at the bottom, which makes this style look perfect on them. It will help in providing an edge to your face.

Square Shape: Just like Hulk Hogan, people with square shape are perfectly ideal for this style. They have a sturdy and proportioned face structure, which makes it look good them. It provides the focus on the chin with the help of the textured columns. And this helps in getting a rugged and tough look.

Triangular Shape: Just like square faces, these people also have a strong jawline. And this makes them perfect for carrying the horseshoe moustache pretty well. It breaks the chin and jawline entirely into a great texture. And this helps in getting a pronounced jaw. So check your face shape today and start growing the moustache.

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