How To Combat Beard Burn After Kissing -

How To Combat Beard Burn After Kissing

How To Combat Beard Burn After Kissing

With mustaches, beard and other facial hair are trending fashion among men nowadays. Your partner likely has any of these on your face. Facial hair might be attractive, but it can likely destroy personal moments by damaging your skin. It is called “stache rash”. The beard burn is a sort of skin problem caused by hair. This issue you can face at any part of the body wherever a man’s beard comes into touch with your skin, generally when kissing or while having oral sex.

The contact of the beard can cause critical issues and even pain on progressively touchy pieces of your body, similar to your face and private parts. And keeping in mind that it’s quite annoying to get a beard burn, there are many ways to mitigate your skin, so it will make you feel very much improved quickly.

What Is A Beard Burn?

How To Combat Beard Burn After Kissing
How To Combat Beard Burn After Kissing

Most men develop facial hair since guys have significant levels of male sex hormones known as androgens. Moreover, Androgens introduce the development of short and coarse hair on numerous parts of men’s bodies, including the face.

It creates a kind of infection that contact dermatitis, which can happen when something rubs against the skin. It’s different than a razor burn which causes ingrown hairs that make the skin irritated after shaving.

Because of the beard burn caused by an individual’s facial hair contact, oils and moisture from your skin’s external layer are removed. It creates a burning sensation and irritation. At times, the harmed skin is sufficiently open to get attracted by different bacteria and infections into the skin. So, this can cause worst side effects, similar to a skin infection or even an STD.

What Does It Resemble?

Most instances of bear burn show up as red, dry patches which itch. This rash can be on the lips and face from being kissed or on the external parts of the genital region after having oral sex.

Serious instances of beard burn may cause a red rash that is swollen, pains and is bumpy.

How Might You Treat Beard Burn?

How To Combat Beard Burn After Kissing
How To Combat Beard Burn After Kissing

On The Face

You can treat most instances of this problem at home.

We recommend using a moisturizing cream. Basically using a cream without oil and structured not to stop up pores. Basically, a hydrocortisone cream over-the-counter might be useful for many individuals with small issues.

Down There

Utilization of vaseline can eliminate genital burns from this issue. In any case, using vaseline on the face may cause acne. Additionally having safe sex is the best option if you have a beard burn. That includes utilizing a condom or some other type of physical hindrance.

How Long Does It Take To Get Cured?

The mild irritation caused by a beard burn with some redness takes one to two weeks to get cured. However, it relies upon your skin type and the seriousness of your problem.

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