How To Grow A Handlebar Mustache

Types Of Mustaches You Should Consider

A handlebar mustache is one of the classic mustache styles. It has been in prominence since ages. There has not been any other mustache which has been as popular as the handlebar. People from all over the world wear it. This style of mustache started in the middle of the 18th century and has been a favorite since then.

Mustache Wax: How To Use Them
Mustache Wax: How To Use Them

It involves a thick layer of hair on the top of your upper lip. This style is more comfortable to grow as compared to other forms. It requires a moderate level of attention. You have to trim off the excess hair coming on your lips regularly. If you are looking to grow a mustache, then this precisely is the style for you. This is not just any other mustache; this is a vintage classic. Below we look at a few tips and suggestions to grow them.

Grow A Mustache And Don’t Trim It

The first step while growing a mustache is just to let your facial hair grow. No matter if you are clean-shaven or are just looking for a change, this goes for everyone. If you want to become a handlebar mustache, then allow the hair to grow and do not trim it for a while. It can be tempting for you to shave it off, but make sure you don’t. The excess hair all of a sudden can also feel irritating. But remember that this process is critical. So keep in mind to not shave it off.

Combing Your Handlebar Mustache Regularly

When you are growing the handlebar, you are going to have long strides of hair on the top of your lip. Make sure that you comb them regularly so that they do not get messy. Always remember to comb the hair in one direction. Start from under the nose and then brush away to the left and then to the right. This will help your classic mustache to grow correctly. Just get yourself a good comb, and it will all be okay.

Mustache Wax: How To Use Them
Mustache Wax: How To Use Them

Wax It Regularly

If you want a proper mustache, which is also healthy, then it is vital to keep it conditioned. Make it a routine to apply wax on your hair regularly. After you get out of the shower, do take some wax on your fingertips and use it evenly on your mustache. Once you are ready with this, comb them to spread it out.

Give It The Shape

The shape of the handlebar mustache is exceptionally distinct. This is why it is essential to twist it and give the traditional way. Always take some wax and apply at the end of your mustache with your fingers.

Maintain Your Mustache

Easily the most crucial step out of them all is to maintain your mustache. Once you grow a handlebar mustache, the work is not complete. This is a commitment to yourself, and you have to make sure that you do not fall short. You have to wash, wax, comb, and curl your facial hair regularly to keep it in good shape.

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