How To Trim Your Mustache

Mustache is classy. It makes you look perfect and gives you a fantastic shape. But it is not that easy to grow one. Over time if they keep on growing and will look unruly, they can spoil your facial features. Meanwhile, if you want to keep a check on your mustache and want to make sure that ut stays keep, you need to take care of the grooming. While you can trim mustache to get that look, it is not that easy a task. Trimming your mustache involves numerous steps. Let us look at them below.

Clean Up Before You Trim Mustache

How To Trim Mustache

Take a fine-toothed comb and comb through your mustache before you go for trimming. Using a smaller comb for the hairs on your face can be highly beneficial. Make sure that you keep your mustache dry while you comb so that you can get to know that right length. And this will help in straightening up the hair so that you can trim mustache easily. Before you cut, make sure to shampoo and condition your facial hair. And this will make it softer and thus easier to trim. But make sure you keep your face dry after this.

Trim Mustache With A Scissor Or Trimmer

Make sure that you keep your face without any expressions while you are trimming. This can help you to trim mustache smoothly and evenly. Keep the scissors parallel to your lips and slowly go through your mustache by making small cuts just over your lip line. The length you trim depends on your choice. If you are using a trimmer, keep the edge of the trimmer near your lip line and slowly pull away. Always ensure that you start from the ends towards the center. While trimming once you reach the center from one side, start from the other one.

Make Sure To Trim The Top Of Your Mustache

How To Trim Mustache

This will help you in getting a clean and precise line. Use trimming scissors to trim mustache and cut away any unruly hair. Use short strokes to give your mustache a shape. You can cut the top to make it look fuller. The way of the top of your mustache ultimately totally depends on your personal preference. Make sure you trim mustache where it meets the nose so that it does not look like nose hair.

Reduce The Volume With The Help Of A Comb And A Scissor

Use your comb to comb your facial hair up and away. This will help in controlling the length of your facial hair and also the bulk of the mustache. You can find guides regarding this everywhere. When you are trimming, make sure to start with more extended settings on the longer side. Slowly you can move towards the shorter length. Make sure that you always start decorating a little amount at a time. Though you can always cut more, growing it again can take time.

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So be sure about the length of the hair you want. Once you are ready with all this, check for any excess hair that you might have left.

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