Picking The Best Beard Mustache Styles

For people from the olden days, having both a beard and mustache was a sign of prosperity and wealth. But today it is more than just any sign for status. It is a fact that beard mustache styles can change the shape of people’s faces. Adding just a few whiskers here and there can do a whole lot of good. The variety of styles is changing. Beard mustache styles that were prominent decades ago are still relevant, along with new ones. A decade ago maybe a beard or a goatee might be considered as a contraceptive, but today it is just average. Numerous celebrities are sporting different facial hairstyles which have created the buzz.

Which Beard Mustache Styles Are Perfect?

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This is one question that eats everyone’s head. We all think about keeping a beard or a mustache or both, but end up confused. There are so many styles available that it is challenging to choose one. And that is not it. Not all the beard mustache styles need to look good on you. You have to select the best out of the lot depending on numerous factors. No matter if you are trying to change your style or looking to grow a new one, finding one is always tricky.

The Best Styles To Choose From

• The Stubble: Easily the most popular bear mustache styles in the current generation, the stubble is easy to grow and simple to maintain. It is the easiest to grow and suits almost all types of faces. This style is perfect for people who have babyfaces. It also helps in making your jaw look stronger and covers up for acne or scars. It requires regular trimming and conditioning.

Best Beard Mustache Styles For You

• The Goatee: This is one of the many evergreen beard mustache styles. It does not require a lot of effort and is extremely big when it comes to fashion. It is seen mostly on rock stars or intellectuals. This is one of the styles which looks good on almost everyone. It helps in adding style to your appearance. It is also suitable for people who find it tough to grow a full beard. This style looks good on slim faces. It falls somewhere in the middle of a full beard and a stubble.

• The Beardstache: It is one of the newest styles and if done right, oozes masculinity. Actor Jamie Dornan dons this style and aspires many. This style is a perfect light alternative to your full beard. It looks good on almost all the shapes of faces and is moderately difficult to maintain.

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• The Short Beard: Another near beard mustache styles which have been gaining prominence lately. It can be seen on famous stars such as Ryan Reynolds, Jon Hamm, and George Clooney. This can look perfect on suits. It can suit most of the face shapes and features. It requires frequent maintenance and precise regular trimming. There are multiple beard styles available, but you have to make a wise choice for yourself.

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