Popular Mustache And Beard Style Combos

If you are planning to grow your facial hair into something permanent, then you must already be thinking about it. The best mustache and beard style, which suits you depends directly on the shape of your face. People believe that you can grow hair and leave them, but that is not true. Since we all have different face shapes, it is essential to choose the best cut to enhance the features.

To help you in choosing the perfect mustache and beard style for your face, we look at some of the best styles suitable for different faces. But ultimately you have to decide which design will suit you the best.

Mustache And Beard Styles For Oval Face

Best Mustache And Beard Style Everyone Should Know

If you have an oval face and are thinking about the best beard for yourself, this is for you. Yes, clean shave is an excellent option for you if you have a face of oval shape. But mustache and beard will also look quite right on you. Keeping a trimmed beard which can cover the cheekbones entirely can be useful. Celebrities like David Beckham can be some great inspirations. But make sure that the facial hairstyle you choose matches the existing facial features.

Mustache And Beard Styles For People With Round Face

People who have round face have wide cheekbones which are combined with a short chin and wide jawbones. If you are one of them who have a round face, then you should focus on facial hairstyle like a goatee. Make sure that you do not grow it too full. Your facial hair should always be narrow. Jeremy Renner, who sports a Van Dyk style can be taken as an inspiration.

People With Triangular Face

Best Mustache And Beard Style Everyone Should Know

Jake Arietta and Tom Hardy are two celebs out of many who have a triangular face. When you are looking for mustache and beard style, you can take inspiration from them. Remember that an angular face does not refer to a small jawline. You must be having a pointed chin combined with narrow jawbones and wide cheekbones. The beards look the best on them, Make sure that you have enough facial hair below your chin.

Long Face

Celebrities like Rober Drowney Jr and Clint Eastwood are some people who have a long face. And they are quite renowned for their mustache and beard style. People with a long look have a deep chin along with wide jawbones. You should go for a full chevron style mustache or a well-trimmed beard. This will help in enhancing the volume of your jawline. If you have a long face hair does not usually grow evenly across your cheekbones, so it is essential to keep a style that hides them.

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Square Face

This face structure is prevalent and can be seen in many. Many celebrities like John Wayne, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Selleck, or everyone’s favorite Johnny Cash have this type of face shape. You should keep beautiful facial hair because it lengthens your chin. So make sure you choose your facial hair according to the shape of your face.

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