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Razor Bumps: Treating Them At Home

How to Treat Razor Bumps

Razor bumps also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae. The bumps consist of ingrown hair, which in later stages become irritating. These bumps are caused due to shaving or using any other method of hair removal. Usually, hair bumps do not develop immediately after removing hair. They start to occur after hair start to grow back and do not get any outlet to get out of the skin. Then, this hair begins to grow under the skin making the skin red and blotchy. It is important to take care of skin if these razor bumps occur because these can leave scars.

Razor Bumps: Treating Them at Home
Razor Bumps: Treating Them at Home

Here are some steps on how one should treat Razor bumps:

Treatment Of Razor Bumps

Using Salicylic Acid To Treat Razor Bumps

 razor bumps can be dry or might be filled with whitish material called pus. Salicylic acid is a hydroxy acid that can penetrate under skin pores and prove to be beneficial as it removes the dead skin. This allows the stuck ingrown hair to make its way out.

Trying Glycolic Acid

the primary cause of a razor bump is access development of skin over the hair follicles, which makes it impossible for the hair to move out, and the hair gets stuck inside. The Glycolic acid also works by removing the outer covering of the skin, which is hindering the movement of hair. Removing this layer makes it easier for hair to get out

Making Use Of Sterile Tweeze

A person can use tweezers if the ingrown hair is visible from under the skin. It is essential to note, that the tweezer in use should be sterile before using them. If not, they can cause severe infection to the area they were used to. As the use of tweezers can cause injury. Moreover, it is essential to not pick or squeeze the hair out of the skin as it can leave scars on the surface.

Use Of Scrubs Over The Ingrown Hair

Scrubs can often be used to remove dead skin. Therefore scrubs prove to be of great use sometimes while removing skin so that ingrown hair can be out of the skin. But it is essential to take special care of skin while using any as scrubs could be reactive to the skin and can cause allergic reactions.

Brushing The Skin Gently 

Using a soft brush on the areas you shave can also be very useful. This stops the debris from clogging the pores, which could be the cause of ingrown hair. Brushes also act as a guide to bring ingrown hair out of the pores. Such type of facial brushes is readily available in any drug store.

Razor Bumps: Treating Them at Home
Razor Bumps: Treating Them at Home

Applying A Warm Compress

A warm compress can lead to the skin becoming soft. Soft skin can prove to be an easy way out for the stuck ingrown hair. This warm compress can pair with any of the techniques mentioned above.

Some Prevention 

Along with treating the ingrown hair, it is essential to prevent the happening of ingrown hair. Also, you should try avoiding shaving too often and using an electric razor can also help.

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