Simple And Affordable Short Stubble Hairstyles

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Those who are naturally hairy can enhance their looks from short stubble hairstyles. Whether you want to have a neat, clean-shaven look or need to keep your sides trimmed, short stubble hairstyles are perfect. There are several different types of short stubble hairstyles to choose from.

If you are trying to achieve a sleek look, short stubble is the way to go. The problem with many people is that their face and hair don’t match up. They may have naturally curly hair that doesn’t really look clean-shaven. Fortunately, short stubble is a very easy style to maintain.

What Are The Types Of Short Stubble Hairstyles?

Simple And Affordable Short Stubble Hairstyles
Simple And Affordable Short Stubble Hairstyles

A short stubble hairstyle that is slightly longer on top is often called Long Hair Bob. With a shorter hairline than the sides, you may want to try Layered Fringe. If you want a more sculpted look, keep curly hair on the top. Another short hairstyle is Side Part. You can get short stubble in this style by getting a two-inch cut at the side. A short stubble hairstyle will even look good on a round face shape with few fringes on the sides.

You can also try Superman. Short stubble looks great with hair that is curly. Pull it back to the side and add it to the front. This style is great for men because it’s not too thick.

Short Stubble Hairstyle For Oval Face

There is an oval shape that is perfect for this style. Use shorter hair and let it slightly fall over the forehead. If you have thick hair and don’t want it to be in the way, you can add some hair around the ears for extra length.

Simple And Affordable Short Stubble Hairstyles
Simple And Affordable Short Stubble Hairstyles

If you are thinking about keeping the hair short, a nice touch is to wrap it in a scarf. The scarf gives you extra length to work with and the bandana acts as a sort of blocking device to the hair. This is a great basic style that can be easily created with short hairs.

To really complete the look, wear the same shirt that you wear for any other regular short stubble hairstyle. Leave it loose and add a simple, light-colored blazer for a festive look. If you do have a nice blazer to wear, don’t forget to add a scarf. You can easily pull off any outfit with this one detail.

How To Enhance This Versatile Hairstyle?

To have a stylish hairstyle that makes you stand out, consider wearing a hat. You can create the look by wearing a large rectangular hat that is shaped like an oversized baseball cap. The hat will sit on top of your head and will either create a flat top. This hairstyle perfectly suits with different beard styles.

A more classic type of hairstyle to try is the half-up style. This works well with long hair and is great if you want to use short stubble as a part of a layered hairstyle. Use two pieces of curly hair at the back of your head and layer them on top of each other.

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