Types Of Mustaches: Which Suits You?

We all are aware that there are different types of mustaches. But which is your favorite one? Do you like the Handlebar style or the classic Fu Manchu? Choosing a mustache style is a dangerous task, and with the amount of information available today, it gets further complicated. You might think that the mustache you have is making you look good, but in reality, that might not be the case. This is why we bring forward to you the list of different types of mustaches.

What Are The Different Types Of Mustaches

Different Types Of Mustaches Best Suited For You

• We All Love The Chevron: This is one of the most classic styles when it comes to different types of mustaches. It depicts you being bold and masculine. Not only this, but it also makes you look comforting and well known. This mustache style is made solely for real men. It is easier to grow and maintain.

• The Handlebar: This a thick mustache style which comes with twisted twirls on the side. You have to use mustache wax to set it correctly. But be sure that this style will not only make you look good but also will make you stand out in a crowd.

• The Walrus Style: This is a unique style which can be only pulled off by few. We all must have seen the cowboy with a hat. They usually possess this mustache style. This style covers your upper lip fully.

• The Horseshoe: This stache looks just like a horseshoe. This is a super thick and bushier mustache style that includes the upper lip. It is there on both sides of your mouth and ends as it hits the chin. You can see them mostly in bikers and wrestlers.

The Other Classic Styles

Different Types Of Mustaches Best Suited For You

• The Pencil Stache: Probably one of the most famous and old mustache styles, this contains a thin line of facial hair just on the top of your upper lip. So make sure this is suiting you properly. This requires daily attention with precise trimming.

• The Soulful Handlebar: When it comes to different types of mustaches, the soulful handlebar is one of the favorites. It is different from the ordinary handlebar extensively as it has a small soul patch in it. This look is also not for everyone. It is best for adventurous people or hipsters or people who want a unique style. This is extremely difficult to maintain and requires regular attention.

• The Imperial Style: This is again one of the most popular forms of mustaches. It connects the hairs present on your upper lip to the hairs present on your cheeks. This is mostly seen in young people who also prefer to don a hat. This is an old-style and is loved by many.

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So if you are looking for the perfect style among the different types of mustaches, then you must first be sure which one looks good on you. Then you should choose the one suiting you the best according to your facial features. Start working towards it from today.

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