Types Of Mustaches You Should Know About

Types Of Mustaches You Should Know About

Back in the day, mustaches were meant to be the symbol of manhood, but time has since changed. Boys who turn out to be men must and should have mustaches, but nowadays mustache is also a style statement. It has many varieties which have originated from many countries and peoples. Keeping mustache not only makes them get into the trend but also it’s a matter of pride. There are many types of mustaches, let us go through a few fantastic yet classy types of mustaches.

The Uncommon Types Of Mustaches

Types Of Mustaches You Should Know About

1) Beardstache – This mustache is conjoined with a beard and looks very good on most of the types of people. Beardstache is a mustache that is incomplete without a beard; anyone who owns this mustache will have a beard too. This is quite uncommon as often men don’t like having a beard and only go for mustache and this style needs both.

2) Freestyle Mustache – Like the name, this mustache is freestyle and doesn’t connect with the jawline. This has to be grown in a particular way and can’t be dependent on styling. But you will have to trim it often. It can be a little challenging to maintain this. And many men don’t opt for this as it gives kind of dirty look.

The More Common Types

3) The Zappa – Slightly bend from the top towards outer lips with a little beard just under the mouth is the definition for Zappa mustache. Men with fierce looks would always go with this mustache. This is most common among young men who choose disciplined fields as their career. The Zappa gives a very formal, neat, clean and, full of attitude look. It is effortless to maintain, and one can style it at home. It is not necessary that every time you need to run to the salon to get the touch up done.

4) Cantinflas – This style contains a clean shave above and under lips, but at both sides of upper lips, you have a small yet equal size mustache. People from Tibet introduced this style, and now it’s quite famous among the youth throughout the world. This is a very particular mustache, and people who want to go for a complete makeover can go for these types of mustaches.

5) Hungarian – Thick on the upper lip and goes thin outwards. The name says it all, originated by Hungarian people this mustache is quite famous among Hungary people and they love to keep it in trend. Now the whole world knows about it and loves to make it as their style statement.

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The Classics

6) Wild West mustache – Since 1959 this mustache has been favorite of many young men. This is a thick mustache and gives you a very disciplined look. This mustache was famous among the British, but later on, it became a favorite of everyone around the globe. Many young boys love this look as it suits everyone and is very easy to maintain and also looks quite impressive.

7) Dali – This is a thin mustache starting from upper lips to outwards jawline It is completely thin. Very complicated yet stylish mustache and known by all the stylers. Slim fit guys tend to go for this style more as it suits them perfectly. This style is in trend nowadays, and men love to follow the trend.

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