What Is The Meaning Behind A Mustache?

How To Grow A Long Mustache

Mustache refers to the facial hair that we grow on the top of our upper lips. Mustache is a French word which comes from another Italian word Moustachio. The mustache meaning has been varying over the period of time. It came into existence from the 14th century. Just like beard, not everyone can grow a mustache.

Earlier it was considered as a status symbol or a symbol of prosperity. Facial hair meaning has changed since then. From showing the status of turning into a trend, facial hair has come a long way. Earlier on it was also used for functional purposes. For example, it was grown to filter air and even absorb the mucus coming out of our nostrils.

Mustache History

In our history of mustache were mostly worn by men who were in the military. And this dates back to as far as the 18th century. This type of facial hair went along with people who had uniforms on their bodies. It was also a way to strike fear into the body of the enemies. Soon after this, the trend of facial hair spread over other European countries.

In the 19th century, the mustache meaning was highly significant. It was the difference between someone who was a soldier and someone who was a civilian. And this also became a considerable fashion when it comes to the aristocracy. The popularity of this style peaked during the late 19th century.

Further Details About Mustache

In some countries like India, the mustache was a sign of masculinity. And this resulted in a lot of problems between the Indians and the British army. The British military which did not have a beard until then did not get enough respect from the Indians. And this was because they thought of people with a mustache as brave and manly. And this is why then British officers began with keeping mustaches. Different countries and religions have different mustache meaning with them.

In many of the Arab countries’ having a mustache refers to having power and money. When it comes to Islam, the trimming of the mustache is also thought of as a sin. It is also a religious symbol for different religions.

Growth and Care

The growth of a mustache takes time and is not something you can have overnight. It takes a lot of patience to grow your mustache correctly with utmost care and precision. There are also numerous products available in the market, which helps in getting you a perfect mustache. Getting a good comb along with a good comb is something which we all should do. There are also different styles of beard which one can have. And this also has a long history. From chevron to the handlebar, to horseshoe to many more, there are plenty of options available. It is ultimately on you to choose the nest for yourself.

So to sum it up, mustache meaning is subjective. It will be different for everyone. And might mean as just a style for someone. But it might also have some sentiments for someone else. So ultimately it is up to you of what you think about it.