Wood Comb: How Should You Take Care Of It?

How To Care For Your Wood Comb

When you buy the beard wood comb for the first time, then it might be quiet an exciting experience. You might check the comb twice and use it multiple times on your beard. Using the beard comb for the first time feels quite amazing, and you can gently slide it in your beard. It is an excellent experience of using the comb for a beard for the first time. You can store the comb away for a few weeks, and when you use it again, then you find that it is quite dirty. One of the things that most people do for cleaning the comb is to use water, which is not suitable for the comb. Avoid scrubbing the comb from water and follow the steps mention in the following paragraph.

How To Care For Your Wood Comb
How To Care For Your Wood Comb

Prefer The Use Of Oil For Cleaning The Wood Comb

Instead of using water for cleaning the comb, you should prefer using oil. The wood can get damaged due to the moisture from rain. The issues like cracks in the wood, splinters, and rough edges can occur in the wooden comb. If you want the comb to be smooth and silky, then you should use oil to clean it properly. By using oil for cleaning the wood, the comb will help in revitalize and providing conditioning for it. It will help in giving proper cleaning for the comb and ensure that it will last for an extended time.

Steps To Help You Take Care Of The Wood Comb 

If you want to learn the proper steps to take Care For Your Wood Comb, then you need to follow the things mentioned below.

  • Use Beard Oil On The Wood Comb

When you buy a new comb, then you should use the beard oil all over the comb. By correctly applying the oil on the wood, it will help in providing the proper wood conditioning that will help it to last longer.

  • Repeat The Cleaning Process –

You must repeat the process multiple times to avoid any issue. By doing so will help in ensuring that it will remain clean and ready to use all the time. Such things are essential for a person who likes to keep these things clean and organized.

How To Care For Your Wood Comb
How To Care For Your Wood Comb
  • Remove The Dirt Using A Toothbrush –

Furthermore, some people think that using oil on the wood comb will help you to keep it fresh for a long time. If you start to use lubricant whenever the comb gets dirty, then it won’t be easy for you to keep them clean. That is why you need to use a toothbrush, which can help you in removing the dirt from teeth of the toothbrush. 

  • Store The Wood Comb In A Dry Place –

To keep the comb safely, you should store them in a dry place. The motion can damage the wood comb easily, and that is why you need to keep them safe and secure.

Now you know how to take care of Comb, you can try these things to keep the comb clean. Moreover, it would help if you practiced becoming better at taking care of the costly beard comb.

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